Wednesday, 27 June 2012


The time of complaints is over, people realized that the clandestine operations of CLOUD SEEDING, evident in the form of CHEMTRAILS, are a serious problem, to be tackled yesterday.

If the denunciation is terminated we must necessarily take the next step of action.

Along with the information that we have done for decades, to raise awareness to these aberrant weather manipulation techniques, we must forcibly starting with the study of systems and techniques to eliminate, or at least reduce, the negative effects of chemicals sprayed.

Until now the only experiments in this direction were made by orgonic devices, such as Chembusters, Tower Busters, CloudButers and so on... but some days ago i tested a new system that could be useful to fight the cloud seeding effects. The system is at the same time simple and inexpensive.

C'mon, get through the Sphaeralux ...