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CHEMTRAILS: The end of hypothesis,

Versione Italiana

Firstly i would like to say

I decided to dust off these old documents, unfortunately, still topical and crucial to trace the responsible for the project that uses chemtrails in cloud seeding operations, for various purposes including climate control.
Finally i published this post to end the scandalous work and disinformation made by some ambiguous debunkers, who deny chemtrails since ever, without shame.

Contrails ?

Naaaah The majority of the strips you can observe in the sky, nowadays, are chemtrails, and come from the PROGETTO PIOGGIA ( RAIN PROJECT )

For those who love youtube this article can be found ( at now only in Italian ) in the following videos

Chemtrails - Progetto Pioggia Unveiled 1° Parte

Chemtrails - Progetto Pioggia Unveiled 2° Parte

Let me point out now that everything was supported by the FAO ( a UN branch specialized in problems related to world hunger )

If you want to read the complete official document on the PROGETTO PIOGGIA ( also called CLIMAGRI ) click HERE

I tried to translate in english some excerpts from these official documents:


SUB-PROJECT 3: Drought, desertification and water management.

Descriptive statistical estimation of some experimental cases related to artificial increase in rainfall.
Project Leader: Prof. Francesca Gallo - Department of Statistics, Applied Probability and Statistics at University "La Sapienza" (Rome)


The study will begin with the data acquisition, covering the period of experimentation 1991-1994 PROGETTO PIOGGIA, collected by ground stations, radar stations and Radio-sounding from.

The project will evaluate and assess the operational effectiveness of the artificial insemination of the clouds to increase rainfall. The methodologies that will be used are mainly those connected with the analysis of dependent data, here we cite only the variogram, covariance function, autocorrelation measures and methodologies for statistical analysis of space-time series.

Are also analysed and studied the ability of each function to capture the dependence of the various hypotheses. Are also examined and studied the ability of each function to capture the dependence of the various hypotheses. The data collected from the ground stations are analysed, initially, separately from those of radar and Radio-sounding, this because these types of experimental data are so different from each other so we need a study by an appropriate approach to their characteristics.
It will also address the problem of identifying so-called "outliers".

(Personal note: The outliers are highly anomalous values that deviate from the statistical model examined )..


Year 1 - Acquisition of spatial and temporal data series of the Project Rain and time series of meteorological data since 1951. Acquisition of data concerning the Radio-sounding and radar stations. Selecting data sets to analyse. Definition of the database. Methodological studies on the robustness of the indicators soil data, radar data, directional data. Research of outliers.

Year 2 - Completion of first year's activities..

Year 3 - Completion of the work of the previous year. Definition of the confidence limits of estimates of the indicators taken into account, in order to focus on possible increase in precipitation as a result of artificial insemination of the clouds. Estimation of a stochastic function to evaluate in advance the rainfall increase in case of artificial insemination. Writing the final report of the results to provide specific line of research (4.1) to ensure the dissemination of the results within the sub-project 4..

...and here:

"The numerous results emerged from the research will allow the researchers to have a better and deeper knowledge of the results induced by artificial insemination of the clouds. This will allow a significant improvement in the development of experimental designs to be implemented in the future to perform the actions of the cloud seeding. This increased reliability about the effectiveness of the process improves the cost-benefit ratio.
The results represent a significant tool to support the decisions that government will be asked to take in order to optimize actions in the framework of the topics studied by the sub-project "drought, desertification and water management in the Mediterranean area."

How much money, these governments, allocated ( and allocate ) for the PROGETTO PIOGGIA ?

Is it possible to MANGE THE EUROPEAN WATER ?

But the water is a PUBLIC RESOURCE, it isn't it ?

Then the report continues with:

" the results interesting meanings that can shed light on aspects not yet fully understood.."

At least they also have some doubts, so we a re speaking about humans, but which are the unknown aspects they talk about ?

Please see yourself the complete documentation relative to the April 30, 2003 Results

If interested into the chemtrails phenomenon read also the Report of Year 2 relative to the PROGETTO PIOGGIA

Below are excerpts from the two documents mentioned above:

"LINE OF RESEARCH 3.5: "Estimation of descriptive statistics of some experimental artificial increase of precipitation"
Team Leader: Prof. Francesca Gallo
Collaborators: Prof. Giovanna Jona Lasinio, Dr. Arianna Orasi
Institution: University of Rome "La Sapienza"

1. Summary of activities

The first year has seen the research group involved in the acquisition of information necessary to understand the protocol about the artificial increase in rainfall and, more specifically, the story of the PROGETTO PIOGGIA, which covered some areas of Southern Italy since 1988. The acquisition of this initial background was accomplished through a thorough literature search on the current state of scientific literature relative to artificial insemination of the clouds and PROGETTO PIOGGIA(see Annex 1).

Later the focus shifted on some experimental cases of cloud seeding carried out in Puglia, between 1992 and 1994. The approach to modify the weather that has been used in Puglia, is based on so-called cold rain process scheme and was implemented by seeding clouds with silver iodide: Agility.

The experiments of PROGETTO PIOGGIA were conducted randomly by working on two small areas of Puglia ( Bari and Canosa were target areas ) within which it was possible to collect data from the stations of:

1.1 - Meteo Service A.M.;
1.2 - Hydro-graphic Service of the Ministry of Public Works, ( National Hydro-graphic Service and Oceanographic - SIMN )
1.3 - The national agro-meteorological network; A dense network of stations at high spatio-temporal resolution ( from UCEA ) installed in 1992 (PROGETTO PIOGGIA's Network Control )

It follows ..

"At this point of the analysis conducted by the General Nania, as already mentioned, the focus is on what happens in the sea, knowing that the project did not include a Rain fortuitous outcome in the sea."

And this ...

"It' s important to emphasize that from a statistical point of view, the optimal situation would be working on raw data and not on the reflectivity data already classified, paying attention to what happens in the days when the cloud seeding it's not operative."

What does it mean ?

Probably they want to know if the previous days cloud seeding have impact also the next days even if nothing has been sprayed.. they want, also, to know if the previous spray operations can originate clouds even the next days ( in favourable conditions for the insemination of clouds ) to save money and chemical materials..

E.G. You spray 2 days and you have clouds for 6 days, WOW it's a deal !!

But there's more .. read it here!

"2.3 Selection of data sets for analysis, definition of basic data and analysis carried out.

Once acquired the data was carried out to identify the set to extrapolate to make a preliminary exploratory analysis. This set is from the days when it was actually performed sowing. For each of these days has also identified the number of flights, the target areas, the slopes of seed for each flight and the duration of seed for each flight (see Annex 6). For each seeding operation was then chosen to consider the start time of the same by establishing a window of three hours (more than three hours of sowing) in which to consider the amount of rainfall observed, the direction and wind speed recorded .
This choice is justified by the physical structure of the phenomenon of rain, because, in theory, assuming a drop in a cloud with initial size equal to a micro-millimetre dimensions of a millimetre, it will take approximately three hours. And 'our choice to notice how this differs from what has been done in the first evaluation phase of the project in which she had chosen a time frame of twenty-four hours. The use of an entire day for testing purposes, however, prevents the proper use of many of the available information, this being a range too broad to capture variability (almost instantaneous) of many of the variables needed to study."

But where is the Annex 6 document ?
I have not found it on the website, someone could find it on internet ?

Then the report continues until the third year, thereafter we haven't further information
Dadadadaaaaa dadadadaaaa ... ENIGMA !!!

Some months ago i talked with one man that worked into the PROGETTO PIOGGIA, he told me that after 1995 anything related to the chemtrails and PROGETTO PIOGGIA is in the hands of ISRAELE, what a surprise it isn't it ?

At this point, what we MUST ask to our governments ( or to the project leaders ) is

- For all these years how were the artificial clouds created ?
- Which materials or chemical and biological substances have been used in artificial insemination during the cloud seeding operations ?
- Which quantities of materials such as Silver iodide, Barium, Aluminium, Pseudomonas bacteria mixed with Escherichia coli, have been sprayed on our heads for years ?
- What are the environmental and health impacts of this project ?

I suggest to all readers of this post, to send an e-mail to the project leaders or the involved governmental o private entities, to clarify the situation.

Finally making a quick search on the respectable Dr. Francesca Gallo I found this interesting master she did in the past.

Yes, if you opened thelionk above you have read well


Make your own considerations, i only hope that in view of her experience, she will use this knowledge wisely...

Accordingly the project leaders are still alive, i can't have replies from them... Someone has seen them recently ?

Hey Guyz, are you still alive?
Some of the sponsors can hear or read meeeeeeeee ?
Please reply !!

Perhaps as for the phone used during the TANKERENEMY's call the NOE of Genova, something isn't working fine.. and they can't hear me !?

I Would really appreciate a comment from you all guys.

In case you have ever heard about geo engineering. I recommend to read this interesting post from or this one

Last but not least RAFAEL CORREA, current president of Ecuador, has ordered to intercept any aircraft, entering the Ecuadorian airspace, releasing persistent contrails (chemtrails) or chemicals used in cloud seeding aerosol operations..
It follows the video, a real slap to the clowns, who have always denied these unhealthy as crazy weather manipulation techniques.

Ciao.. and i recommend you to let them, everyday, piss on your heads, all that healthy stuff...

Umberto Morazzoni


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    1. I taken info directly from a member of the Progetto Pioggia of Climagri.

      You can find the same ( verifiable ) infoZzz here

      All infoZzz are in Italian, since the test environment ( for Europe ) has been Italy ( 1991 -1995 ). The reports were produced and sent to the Italian government to collect found$..

      10X 4 your attention.. and the interesting link too !!