Thursday, 20 October 2011

The physics of waves

Like every year aside the Crop Circles, it starts the hunt for the description of the symbols they represent, after all, what is an effect without a cause ?
and a bit of mental gymnastics applied to our ability to correlate and fantasize doesn't hurt.

After we recharged in one of the many British sacred sites, still impregnated with regenerating geomagnetism, in the early afternoon, we decided to visit the Overton Down formation, which wasn't so close to the main road but neither too far. The walk was about few miles but it was worth it.
The day was offering us a rare sunny afternoon of a rainy summer, as in the rest of Europe.

I open a parenthesis, did you noticed that 2011 was one of the most rainy years in recent decades.

Some hot and sunny weeks in June, some days in July and the late August may have made forget the cold and wet past months.

What role played the artificial stimulation of rain by CLOUD SEEDING ?

This year we had also the risk of an epidemic of Escherichia coli, that's one of the genetically modified bacteria, together with pseudomonas, used in Cloud seeding aerosol operations, related to the artificial insemination of clouds and subsequent stimulation of rain.

Was it a coincidence ?

Well, anyway even the Spanish cucumbers, easily recognizable by the typical Catalan accent, were exonerated from having triggered the epidemic.

But then who spread the bacteria ? i've not well understood, but I've got an idea ..

Left aside the military atrocities of the moment, the scene turn back in colour and the wind caresses, with arrogance, the tufts of grass scattered into the golden fields in the Overton's plain.

The area was semi-deserted, a quiet situation, even more than usual, no soldiers, no tension, no angry farmers. It's normal, governments have problems with the population now awaken and the fear of global insurgency, they have something else to think rather than a bunch of mad people that in summer prefer to stay in pretty rural designs, to palpate the unfathomable beauty of our mind and consciousness.

After having carefully studied the most correct path to enter the training without getting hurt or destroy the work of the wise farmer, which allowed us to visit, we reached what i called the Overlap Effect Crop Circle.

This kind of formation clearly shows a physics effect that's called WAVES OVERLAPPING and that shows the properties of the waves propagation and the effects of the interferences between them.

This effect can be applied to all kinds of waves, acoustic, water, radio or electromagnetic such as the light.

The overlap, however, is not observable until a wave does not encounter another wave and this changes their propagation, in these cases we are speaking about interference.

In our case the interference was based on the other competing three waves.

As I wrote, the overlap may be caused by competing waves, you probably tried to drop two stones into water to see the two waves overlap each other, but what if you dropped four stones instead of two ?
It would happen just what's shown in the Overton Down Crop Circle.

But it does not end here because a wave or signal, can have a frequency as well as intensity.

In the case of a single stone dropped in water, the frequency would be zero, because once dropped the stone would be generated only a single wave and at the end of the propagation, the surface would go back to its original flatness, but if we dropped a stone every second, the stone itself would become the source of a wave with a frequency of 1 Hertz.

The design of Overton, is probably the result at instant X of four incident waves with a certain intensity and frequency.

Using a simulator and some rough calculations I was able to reproduce an image almost identical to the design represented by the Crop Circle in question, so I read the parameters set and i realized i could reproduce that particular pattern, at a given instant X, only using only a frequency around 7-8 Hz, that appears to be compatible with the famous Schumann Resonance, which is a frequency that is generated because the space between the surface of the Earth and the conductive ionosphere acts as a waveguide.

Schumann resonances are used to track global lightning activity but also to monitor changes in global temperature and water vapour in the atmosphere.

We are therefore faced with a Crop Circle that warns us of climate change, both artificial ( CLOUD SEEDING - HAARP ) and natural such as those mentioned by the Mayan prophecy?

With the Schumann resonances could also be detected and studied extraterrestrial lightning and I bet even the Sphaeralux recorded by my camera..

These wave-guides can also be used to track geomagnetic and ionospheric disturbances.

In this case, the Crop Overton could be a warning about the extreme dangers of HAARP, whose actions can affect climate and geological events like earthquakes, not by chance that this frequency is taken into consideration more and more, for the prediction short-term earthquake.

In this case, the Crop Overton could be a warning about the extreme dangers of HAARP, whose actions can affect climate and geological events like the earthquakes, not by chance this frequency is taken into consideration more and more, for short-term earthquakes prediction.

If you do a little research on the internet, you will find that the Schumann resonance has gone far beyond the physics entering in disciplines such as psychology, medicine and spiritualism.

This Crop Circle also suggests the strong interaction between waves and matter.

Is well known, for example, that by stimulating the sand with acoustic waves we get a lot of wonderful designs resembling crop circles themselves. This could suggest the way crop circles could be created.

Here is a video about Chaldni plates showing clearly how an acoustic wave can change the distribution of sand particles, imagine the impacts on the small molecules which make up our body.

Here is a video on water stimulated acoustically, I remind the readers that we are composed of 70% of this element

Here the same principle applied to corn starch, just to stay in cereals theme.
In the video stimulation occurs at a frequency range from 33 to 55 Hertz, but the experiment is reproducible with other frequencies.

Here again with water..

The Crop Circle Overton suggests that we live immersed in a world full of invisible waves, acoustic, optical, radio, electromagnetic, and many others that constantly influence the shape and the atomic arrangement of matter.

The consciousness of this concept may radically change the life of a person who becomes, therefore, aware that every day is influenced and
modified by thousands of invisible signals that interact with his cells, psyche and spirit.

Does the Overton formation indicate the way to escape from the invasive and omnipresent pollution generated by HARRP bases ?

In the case, I suggest to read this post.

Please note, finally, that the design of the Overton Crop Circle is a photograph of a reaction at a certain instant X by the overlapping of wave 4, but during the simulation in real time, I noticed that there are hundreds of frames or images that could represent it so why it's been selected the precise moment when, in the centre, the overlapping waves create a Celtic cross ?

The answer could be cleverly concealed behind the symbolism of the cross, closely related to the resultant of the forces emanating from the four elements of the nature, in short, the synthesis of Maia, the goddess of generative force of the physical matrix which makes up our Universum, actually, the Firmware of MATRIX.

ADDENDUM  01-11-2011

Don't use headphones to listen the 7.83 Hz Schumann Resonance frequency ( mp3 version ), i suggest you all to use a pulse generator like the RR-77 Ultra-Low Frequency Pulse Generator

Umberto Morazzoni.


  1. Very good. It's similar to holograms, as indicated in previous formations --

  2. Yes off course, your links are very interesting. In your second link
    the Beggar's Knoll, not only represent the overlap between waves but also a light diffraction phenomenon ( typically made by lenses or crystal balls )

    Since waves can be acoustic, radio, but also electromagnetic eg the LIGHT..

    I think that while Overton formation was more related to acoustic waves, your formation suggests more electromagnetic waves.. super interesting, thanks !!

    Goin back to Overton crop circle, is worth of note that the formation doesn't represent the overlap of 4 waves like in a real-world simulation ( with the PC or like in your photo 12 ), in fact, the formation doesn't show all the four sources overlapped, but only the overlap between triplets of waves. The resulting ripples are less than in a real four overlapping waves simulation.

    Eg: Wave 1 is overlapped with wave 2 and 3 but not the wwave 4. like if one on four waves were on a different plane / dimension. Every wave overlaps the other two but not the one in front of it, that creates the a paradoxical effect, typical of Escher's drawings.

    The overlap, also, is not shown entirely but only in the moment X in which the couples of waves meet each other, at the centre, resulting in the central cross, that hence is very wanted into the design.

    Let me know if you find further intuitions, relations.

    Thanks a lot for your interesting contribution.
    Umberto Morazzoni.

  3. Hello Ubi! It's Mary Lynn and David from Mallorca, we met at the Wiltshire Crop Circles last summer. Your family and the two of us stayed at the same inn, we had supper together and of course we crossed paths many times! We took pictures together as you were leaving (late!) to the airport. We want to contact you urgently regarding chemtrails, we need your expert advice! And it would be great to be in touch. Hope you and your family are very well. I am on facebook (mary lynn gaydosh) and myspace. I really hope to hear from you very soon! Abrazos, Mary Lynn & David

    1. Of course i remember of you both, Mythic !!

      Ok i'll provide a connection on FB.. i hope you enjoyed my post about Overton Crop Circle.

      Abraxas Ubi.