Thursday, 10 May 2012

Hands off from my land !!

As many know, my studies about Crop Circles, focus mostly on their meaning, leaving to others the costly task of studying their making or paternity.

The formation of Riesi, very nice among other things, is not as cryptic as it may seem at first sight.

What does Riesi formation suggest ?

This is the diagram

Here, you can see some shots of the Riesi formation.

Well, in this crop circle,we have a decagram that includes a star, which in turn contains a pentagon.

But how these three symbols are related to each other?

The Sphaeralux suggests that, in the specific context of the beautiful Trinacria, the 5-point star, could represent a superimposition of the U.S. Army on the Italian territory.
In this case we have a conceptual "overlap" also at a symbolic level, in fact both the Italian Republic that U.S. Army, are symbolized by a 5-point star.

The Pentagon, at this point, would indicate who leads these U.S. bases. Some people told me that it's not a pentagon but a cricle, even in this case the relation with the USA bases in Sicil is still too strong, in fact the older mark for U.S. Army was a Star with a coloured circle inside.

The Decagram, reflected every fifth point, is formed by two crossed-pentagrams.

This powerful symbol in esoteric and spiritual disciplines, represents the concentration of positive and negative forces of the Akasha and the four elements, and especially the forces of revolution generated by the Great Mother or The Goddess.

Combining the three symbols we have a quite clear picture, the formation of Riesi signals the overwhelming presence of U.S. military forces on the Italian territory, but it also suggests a revolt to limit the power of these forces in order to balance the nature and the environment, tortured by the numerous experiments concerning the military use of microwave and energy beam weapons.

Directed-energy beam weapons and microwaves?

Yes right, it is clear that phenomena such as those happened in Caronia are nothing but the result of tests that make an extensive and wicked use of microwaves and wicked.

The microwaves actually have the power to burn but if amplified and managed "properly" can do much more..

Undoubtedly they can damage the products of the earth with the impacts that we can image on who live by these products.

 Below you can observe the HAARP and  EM pollution effects on dandelions.

Probably the design represented in the formation also alludes to all those who fight for a freer Sicily
and to the courageous Movement of the Pitchforks which, in the past months, showed his teeth, in a battle not won but not even lost, suppressed only by the lack of media coverage which have merely shifted the spotlight elsewhere.

This was a battle for the land, its products, and generally for the environment, which is no longer respected as the people who live there, a concept that fits perfectly with one of the esoteric meanings of Decagon

So as you see, what does it matter that this crop circle was made by children with wooden boards, UFOs, balls of light or other.
What remains is the symbol and its meaning, which is printed in our mind as a hot brand, that in this case shouts:


STOP TO HAARP AND CLOUD SEEDING THAT MAKE ARTIFICIAL CLIMATES AND UNNATURAL WEATHER PHENOMENA which damage the crops, putting on their knees the farmers already on their last legs, exploited by large retailers,
and victims of infertility induced by the hyper acidification of the soil caused by aerosol operations (CLOUD SEEDING) designed to create artificial clouds or worse, to disperse them (CLOUD BUSTING), resulting in extensive drought.


And last but not least, FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS AND LAND !!

I would like to remark that i didn't write these words, with the presumption to explain the meaning of a formation, also because in my opinion, every crop circle, can have infinite meanings depending on the observer, on the other hand what i wrote and the relationships shown by the pictogram are undeniable.

Finally i remind you that a symbol, has never a unique meaning nay it hasn't a meaning at all, rather it indicates just the ways by which you can reach its meanings.

Umberto Morazzoni


  1. Leave the star behind...a bit of laterlal thinking, 5 arrowheads (5 continents, the world?) pointing to a PENTAGON as in 'The pentagon"..US army headquarters...
    So The answer to all our questions lies in the pentagon..
    Disclosure NOW!

    1. Dear Anonymmous ( i hope not the movement ) thanks for spending your time to comment on my blog.

      As i wrote "in my opinion, every crop circle, can have infinite meanings depending on the observer"..

      the context paint the formation.
      In the case of RIESI ( not a classic location ) the site where the formation appeared is very important.

      Especially when it's the first time they appear in a new place, like the Riesi's one, the regional or local location is really very important.

      If this crop circle appeared on windmill hill then, as you commented, it could mean everything and i would take in consideration even the continents for the star, but decoding a Classic Area Crop Circle is much more difficult than in other "unusual" places..

      With the "classic location circles" the place where they appear is not the first thing i would think about.

      Since they, very often, appear in the same field or place, necessarily it's probable that the message would be elsewhere..

      Take it easy friend, if you like the 5 continent interpretation, the best for you is that.. write it on your blog !! ;)

      I must go, i hope you got the point.
      Ciaooo !!