Monday, 21 May 2012


Few weeks ago the second 2012 season UK branded Crop Circle appeared in Winterbourne Stoke.

I quickly tried to provide a possible decryption.

The symbol is quite simple, but at the beginning the decryption always seems impossible, such where do  start from ?

To begin, it would be better to tune ourselves on a Sphaeralux...
One of the most useful function of Crop Circles is teaching how to imagine the unimaginable, in fact, they can teach us how to push our mind beyond the limits that we, daily, impose to ourselves.

Without waiting too long, my mind has travelled the map suggested by the symbol of the formation, and I immediately found some correspondences with a large number of elements that have left little room for imagination and lateral thinking.

What does the formation of Winterbourne Stoke look ?

Here you can see some aerial shots by the mythic Crop Circle Connector.

Well, we observe a circle containing some curved bands whose plants bending generates an alternation of colour. The last portion shows a wider band, very similar to a quarter moon.

But what could be this figure or better, where this symbol could lead our mind ?

The decryption has taken few minutes, in fact i soon realized that i hadn't to go mad in the search for symbols coming from different ages, cultures or religions since the 28th of April 2012, day in wich the formation was discovered, it was in progress the moon's closest approach to Earth.

This phenomenon, at its apex, has resulted in the 2012 SUPER MOON, which took place between the night of Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th May at 5:30 (in Italy).

Ok, but how does it relate the Super Moon, with the drawing shown in the formation ?

The drawing, clearly shows the emission of 12 beams plus the final, larger than the others, probably representing the time remaining to the event, about a week, or quarter of moon.

These 13 beams, emanations or rays could be associated with the magnetic influences of the Moon on Earth, and it could be related, also, to the months of a lunar year, consisting of 13 Moons of 28 days.

Probably the 13° beam, the larger one and so similar to a quarter of moon, could represents the remaining time for the super event, about a week, or a quarter of moon.

The alternation of the 13 magnetic beams, the effect created by the bending of the plants, creates the visual effect full-empty or light-dark, attributable to the alternation of the monthly lunar phases.

The 12 curved beams increase gradually, from the smallest to the largest, this could indicate, also, the growing energy transmitted to Earth, culminating with 13° beam, larger than the others, representing the SUPER MOON.

This symbol, in addition to the moon itself, brings to mind the ANNUAL frequency of the SUPER MOON phenomenon, that being at maximum perigee ( minimum distance from the earth ) it provides an higher magnetic radiation to the earth, much higher than any other day of the year.

We know, that the moon has a powerful influence on all the living creatures of our planet, especially on liquids and off course water, element of which we are made in preponderance.

But this year the moon is really super special, since it even coincides with the fascinating ritual of TIBETAN WESAK, an important spiritual event, that every year marks the symbolic return of Buddha on Earth.

The ritual of WESAK takes its name from the period in which it is made, that in Sanskrit is WAISAKHA, that corresponds to the full moon in TAURUS, which falls between April and May.

This spiritual moment culminates with the 8 minutes of full moon, and a meditation that, each year, deals with different themes. Generally it tends to focus on the peace in our world, tormented by invisible wars, always present, even when we "in the West" are convinced to live in peace age.

Needless to say that the WESAK is a planetary event, which brings together millions of people mentally connected by the collective meditation and ready to receive the BUDDHA's benediction.

The WESAK corresponds to the first full moon in the zodiacal sign of TAURUS, and a WESAK coinciding with a SUPER MOON, is a quite rare and powerful event.

Worthy of note is the fact that the super moon, added to the WESAK, this year happened on Sunday, the day of DOMUS, the SUN, causing tons of connections, suggested by this sacred union.In view of these considerations, was it possible to have a Crop Circle that reminded us of the very important appointment  with spirituality, which had protagonists like Moon, Sun, Earth and Ourselves ?

The answer is under our eyes, in Winterbourne Stoke, and it's NO !!

hope you enjoyed this example of symbol decryption, and i wish you all the WESAK has brought the peace, invoked by the solemn ritual, into your heart and soul.

Umberto Morazzoni

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