Sunday, 26 August 2012

Rise Along Freedom on WADEN HILL
An impulse for the Change

There are ordinary places, and others very special for who, like me, became aware of the importance and sacredness, which plays the Feminine, in our Universum.

Why, then, not to relax in peace, in the shadow of Neolithic sites overflowing with geomagnetic currents, able to repair or regenerate our beautiful DNA helix !?

Today, it seems impossible, and the cause of that is a Helix, but not the one that makes us unique and I hope also unrepeatable..
27/7/2012, we have just activated a META-FLAK in the stone circle of Avebury, as usual, the magic breeze that accompanies the reaction caresses our faces, still amazed by both the magic surrounding and the cleaning of the sky, produced by the Flaking.

Meanwhile, the shadows of the megaliths are dramatically stretching, reminding me the illusoriness of our reality and that at the "sundown" even "dwarves" seem "giants" so we can fight for a better world, but we must ACT, before shadows
blend with the night.

Time in some places is somewhat distorted, absent, but the space, vacillating, still resists and the shadows become almost the only way to listen to the cycle, which marks our perennial oscillation between sleep and wake.

The sun is going down quickly in the direction of  Merlin's grave, so we plan to visit the elder formation on Waden Hill, appeared the 1st of July 2012, right next to the ever-pregnant Silbury Hill, probably a mega orgonic accumulator or a bio-capacitor which fertilizes and regenerates all the aera, which hosts the 90% of all Crop Circles of this planet.

It makes meditate, not few persons.
ut neither many..

However, we collect our stuff and head for the Waden Hill's Crop Circle.

Left the stone circle, we take the road to the mysterious Avenue, we are about a mile from the formation.

In the middle of the Avenue, on the right, we notice the first Tram-Line, the first furrow not sown, good entry point, not to damage the harvest, perhaps, more important than entering a crop circle itself.

We decide to climb on Waden Hill, to seek the formation, paying attention to the few points of reference.

We have almost reached the top of Waden Hill, at the horizon you can see, the womb of the oldest sacred and mysterious man-made hill in Europe, Silbury Hill, a majestic monument to the Goddess, a place of magic rituals and sermons made ​​by priestesses, magicians and druids of every where and when.

Sometimes some exult for a new pictogram, and then go for watching it, but the idea of ​​people happy and enthusiastic that want relax in simple field-drawings, doesn't cheer someone and in fact in less than ten minutes I see, in a far distance, the presence of a RAF helicopter.

I thought, the problem wasn't that I have seen them, but the contrary.
I was worrying for my 4 years old kid, they will annoy us for sure, and he will be scared,

The helicopter, in fact, after a quick tack, pointing straight at us, keeping a distance from the ground really small, and then begins to overlook a few meters, often repeatedly, flying from one side and then the other. 
Inside we see, some soldiers, who intimate us to leave from there, with eloquent gestures, also taken by the camera, like this:

The sign ROYAL AIR FORCE is clearly visible, much less the ID number, at last a red and black BioHazard like symbol stands out the symbol on the tail.
After some manoeuvres, in my opinion dangerous,  my 4 year old son, getting scared by the noise from engines, begin to show signs of obvious concern, as well as us, but we try to pretend everything is under control, except the alcohol content of the pilot as in Aviano tragedy and others in which whole families were destroyed, just for fun.

After a few long minutes, the helicopter turns just as quickly in the direction of something that we do not understand but which evidently attracted his attention.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to record all the manoeuvres and the final change of direction, because the subject was very fast and I was not using a tripod, if you know what I mean.

This experience catapults me, to other occasions, especially the one at Eastfield in 2007, where at the end of intimidating manoeuvres, they made ​​their way in a hurry in the direction of a non-canonical flying object.

In that case, there were 3 helicopters, and initially we decided to leave the formation because of my son who was standing quietly in the lysergic interlude that leads to life, but this is not detected by the military GPS.

Fortunately, "the distraction" came just at the right time, simply luck ?
Anyway, we were able to go back, to confuse us with the sacred symbol of the original Verb, the Tibetan AUM.

Returning to the present, at Waden Hill I could not tell you if they have veered for lack of fuel, an order from the base, or whatever, I have not photographed or recorded anything out of the ordinary during the change of direction, but the sudden veer generates doubts. ..

Now I wonder, why doesn't Royal Air Force want us to visit crop circles, especially if they are simply made ​​by pranksters with wooden boards and ropes ?

Their shows are simple variations of the route or targeted missions?

But without further ado, I show you the video that documents the fact, judge yourselves from the pictures, if the helicopter is whether or not, at a safe distance from us. We're talking about 15 meters in some moments even less.


In the video, you will notice the strange dark halo, which appears between the helicopter and the formation of Waden Hill, what do you think it is ?

A ladder to go down in the crop circle ?

Did they want to to keep us away to go down in the formation ?

For what ?

Wasn't it better to reach the site in a comfortable Jeep or simply climb the hill as we did ?

Here are the frames I mentioned, in case you can't see the video:


Excluding the hypothesis of the ladder, however strange, the only thing that can look like is an electromagnetic pulse or some strange kind of rays, the frequency of which is still unknown.

Even in the case where the halo was an impulse or a radius, we would have still to understand the direction of the anomaly.

Is 'the helicopter which sends impulses to the crop circle. and if yes, why ?

To decrypt it ?

To damage or interfere with any healing frequencies emanated from him ?

And if it was the the contrary ?

If it were an impulse starting from Crop Circle, which strikes the unaware crew of the helicopter?

Perhaps as a defence or otherwise, in order to harmonize and center beings in his range.

This may explain the sudden change of direction of the helicopter.

One thing is for sure, when you go into a formation, you are enveloped by the particular frequency of the symbol shown in it, and a helicopter, if too close, can't shield from it.

The video that I have shown, is perhaps the only visual document of the influences that crop circles may have on the surrounding environment, including people and their psyche.

Returning to the crew of the helicopter, I would ask, kindly, to the actual Secretary of State for Defence, Philip Hammond, to call to order his boys, I understand their zeal, but we are the ones "UNDER" ...
the helicopter.

Mr. Hammond, we bring money to your country, in exchange for the magic offered by the mystical landscape of the English countryside, why to spit on them?

After an experiences like mine, a "normal" person, would never go there anymore.

It makes no sense instigate or harass, even just acoustically, the mild visitors and researchers who meet every year from all over the world, in the most spectacular Bioartistic museum, which is the area of ​​Avebury, where the exhibited works, like beautiful Mandala, suggest the impermanence of our being.

Our presence in the area is not for war, but on the contrary, it is simply a vacation, in the name of personal evolution, the rehabilitation of the planet and our bodies, we do not seem so subversive.

Is it for someone ?

In any case, I would suggest, again, more respect for civilians who wish to visit the crop circles in the UK, in order to avoid accidents or diplomatic disagreements.

Thanks in advance, for your attention.

Best regards,
Umberto Morazzoni.

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