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Communication with Crop Circle creators by a Stone

3 August 2010

This year, as often now, the time for visiting Crop Circles is less and less, as the farmers delete formations even a few hours after their discovery.

Probably, due to ignorance or pressure from the British government, which considers the crop circles an uncomfortable reality.

Known of this formation, there was no time to lose, just ready we left for the site.

A few days before the clamour of the Double Crop Circle, reminiscent of the Jesus shroud, we were in one, symbolizing a cross of clear Catholic style, very unusual in the symbolism related to Crop Circles.

Was there a relation between the two Crop Circles?

It was a hot and sunny afternoon and fields shone with a fascinating magic coppering truly surreal.
This formation was fantastic and man-made or not, definitely a great job.

Here you are some details:

The crop circle was virgin, an ideal situation for analysis and measurements.

Once inside, we found a few lines on the stems, typical signs found on plants flattened by wooden boards, but I could not say for sure if these folds were at a constant distance or not.

Sometimes also in genuine crop circles, you can find such folds because of visitors who trample the plants, so without lines at a constant distance we can not say, at a glance, that have been used tables or other tools to bend plants physically.
There was no sign of abnormalities on the stems, and even on the ears.
There were no burns, abnormal dehydrations or bending at the nodes, typically 45° each node.

From the images you may notice that the folding of the plants occurred before the nodes, so there is no anomaly as they might have been flattened by physical pressure.

Of course, as for the rest of Crop Circles, what matters is not who created it, but rather the symbol that the formation represents, the cause of its creation and the feelings felt inside it.

We, personally, within this cerealogic cross, we experienced a surreal feeling of well-being, an experience very positive and curative.

We are in the new millennium, who cares who created the circle, aliens, spheres, humans, the primary question remains WHY ?

Meanwhile, looking up at the sky, we saw massive operations of Cloud Seeding (through the spraying of chemtrails) that would have soon patinated the sky, ruining the landscape and the atmosphere.

Crop circles are a mystery, but for sure I know that the chemtrails are a horrible reality!
Absolutely harmful, especially for humans, animals, plants and our beloved cereals.

Chemtrails on Crop Circles and in the the most sacred places of the Celtic culture?

An insult without restraint to the Goddess and everything that it represents!

The farmers should get angry about chemtrails, not for Crops!

Wake up farmers, if you find Crops in your fields, put a box for donations, with an inscription "£ 2 per visit" so repay you for the harvest "lost", but if you leave the formation for a long time, compatibly with the time of harvest, I think you could pick up even more than the value of the harvest itself.
Anyway it's your land, you decide, but we hope you will understand..

These unnecessary tension, must end.

Last year someone shot at some Norwegian tourists, NO COMMENT.

It's not so awful a paint in your field, compared to the global poisoning and sterilization in place,
via climatic manipulations and the spreading of bacteria, heavy metals and acidifying substances on the ground ?

However when we came out from the Cross of Lurkeley, right next to it, we saw a nice RDA (Randomly Downed Area) full of anomalies.

Often there are more anomalies in RDAs (non-geometric formations) than in "humanized" or geometric ones.

In the pictures below you can see the fascinating interweaves between the plants and the ears.

Softly, the seedlings were bent without sharp bends, visible from a couple of inches below the ground, therefore, could not have been used solid objects to lower them, also the ears were very curved on themselves and rigid as cement, the curvature therefore reminded genetic modification, then a message or warning related to the problem of the notorious GMOs?

Below another RDA found in the opposite hill, the design and symbols are not understood and seem, random, but may instead contain a message in an alphabet that is not our geometry.


Oh I almost forgot, in the central circle of the cross, in the perfect centre of the formation I have found a very peculiar stone.

In fact, on its back, you can see something that might call to mind, a crater or however a symbol linked to cults or matriarchal Goddess herself from the thriving and perpetually pregnant belly.

Next to the symbol in the lower right you can see a well-defined rhomboidal object, that does not seem natural, clearly modelled that might resemble an airplane, or something like that ..

I could swear to see also some symbols or inscriptions on the stone, if anyone has any idea of what they represent, please contact me here or in private.

If this formation was made by guys with boards and ropes, I wonder if they knew they were going to create a Crop Circle, the centre of which rested on a stone with a circle ..
in the circle of the circle,
the whirlwind of fascinating fascination.

Perhaps it was the field, who have chosen its painters ...


After some analysis, I managed to find a couple of photos that highlight two spherical objects from the emitting surface, in the formation, here are the pictures:

Keep in mind that I was very far from the spheres but judging by the proportions, I would say that might have had a diameter of about 15 cm.


Below is a video about the Lurkeley formation, i made it ​​in 2010, but only few days ago I had oneirically permission to publish it, enjoy it.

Regarding the cross symbol represented in the formation, at first glance unusual in the Crop Circles symbolism, it refers to the CARDINAL GRAND CROSS OF 7 AUGUST 2010, a powerful astrological configuration, in this case also rare, given the impacts of planetary and satellite.

In eXotericism, the three ASTROLOGICAL CROSSES, are related to the THREE CROSSES ON THE GOLGOTHA, in the biblical messages regarding the Calvary of Jesus.

These are the three great trials or crisis, which the neophyte must face in life, these crosses can be experienced, early or late in life, the decision is up to the planets and their whirls.

Returning to our crosses, political class aside, the CARDINAL GRAND CROSS corresponds to the super crisis that faces the adept, at the time of his symbolic death, which corresponds at the birth of a NEO EGO, more evolved, sublimated.

Overcoming the crisis also includes the achievement of that detached point of union, which frees one from The Chakra of Karma.

If the other two crosses, fixed and mobile, are experienced by many, the cardinal concerns a much smaller number of beings, a privilege for those who can live this event.

                                                     Image Steve Alexander Copyright 2010

In our case, the catholicity of the Cross, indicated that the astrological cross, would not have been Fixed or Mobile but "Cardinal" that would have involved the four cardinal signs, which move the energetic foundations of the other two categories and regulate all their forms of expression.

Possible effects of this Cardinal Grand Cross:

- More Earth changes and climate chaos ( HAARP and CLOUD SEEDING operations ? ).
- Aggressive ( not necessarily violent ) collective action that confronts the power structures.
- A stimulation of the Youth that engages them to act in 60s style even without the drugs.
- A personal coming out for individuals, to be Big and vocalize all the truths they’ve sensed
   in their gut.
- More outing of the shadow government and its agenda of control. As individuals claim their power,
   the 'energy' of tyranny wanes.
- The rise of moral conscience, with boycotts, divestments, and pursuit of justice for buried crimes.
- Earth people discovering their ancient and off-world cyclical history, with past cataclysm as part of
- People restore cyclical living and face ageing with grace, and reinvigorate death as a life passage.
According to the science of Zoroaster, this configuration would introduce the development of a manifest cycle of the Aquarian age, the first palpable sprouts.

Sharing will be more physical, economic, real ..
This will terrify the lords of private property and the owners of dogmas.

The Raise of Feminine Power

The Cancer energies are tidal, so its fitting that these lunar currents move in and out over the summer. A big date is June 26th, with the Full Moon in Cancer/lunar eclipse in opposition to the Sun-Mercury in Cancer. The Cancer corner completes the square with all four elements. Great Kali-level Mother energies (in men and women) are going to rise with fury and the drive to protect.

Women overcome aeons of denigration of the Feminine to find their power through the heart, and use soul force to enact great change. They restore their place of reverence, as life-givers, as they rise up to defend Earth and its vulnerable creatures and living things.

The Cross of Lurkeley, as for the famous comet of Bethlehem, was about to announce the upcoming astrological event, practically THE COMET OF THE REAL NEW AGE.

In sum everything will be like ever !!


The day before yesterday, the site The Crop Circle Connector added in my report, the part where I was exposing the curious discovery of stone with a symbol reminiscent of the Goddess, right in the centre of the formation of Lurkeley.

The webmaster, was slightly reluctant to publish it, but I insisted, so as to experience eventual reactions from the creators of Crop Circle or whatever / entity had created this formation.

Well, maybe not related at all, but it remains a strong coincidence or better the fact, that few hours later, it was reported a second Crop Circle, right next to the first in which I found the stone ..

Prompt reaction I would say, it isn't it ?

                                  Images from The Crop Circle Connector by Frank Laumen

This is the one and only Progressive Double Circle of the entire 2010 season, "coincidence" really at the limit it isn't it ?

The symbol represented by the new line is a circle with another circle inside it with a few lines that look like scratches, reminiscent of the tracks left while you dig (perhaps a reference to my discovery), or may represent the hieroglyph of water, to be correlated with the symbol of the Mother Goddess, for excellence intimately tied to the element WATER.

The water hypothesis is strengthened by the fact that the formation is mirrored, and recalls one of the most typical properties of this element.

Finally, again in the new formation, you can clearly see a rhomboidal object very similar, if not identical, to that in relief on the stone found in the formation.

We can therefore think that the set of coincidences found, from the reporting of the artefact found to the subsequent appearance of this second Crop Circle, are strong enough to say with confidence that we were able to establish a channel of communication with those who have made these two Crop Circles or at least one of them.

Honestly, that they were human or not, I do not care, the importance and the success of the experience remain intact and exceptionally amazing.

See you soon!

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